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“Plenty of fish in the sea”

i never thought i’d identify with a shark.

online dating.

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do you know what courtnie quinlan's background is? she just looks like she's a perfect mix of everything. as do you by the way ;)Asked By - Anonymous

So, I wish I did! I love both her and Lacey Banghard’s looks, they’re so exotic and just flawless!! I’d love to know their heritage! I’m part turkish so thats where I get my dark eyes from, but at a guess i’d say those girls have a more Caribbean background than a Mediterranean one. No idea.

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why are bras and period products so fucking expensive okay this shit pisses me off, it’s not like i asked for boobs or for my vagina to destroy itself every month

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Zero is a hero.

Bless dogs

hes just waiting til no ones looking so he can eat her.

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